VR × Reailty (VR×リアル) is the first episode of Full Dive, short for Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!


Yuuki is a high school student who loves to play video games and one day, the release date of the long-awaited new full dive RPG has arrived! However, it was the ZZ-designated super-problem work "Kiwame Quest" that was sold in a half-deceived manner. The graphics, the behavior of NPCs, the scent of vegetation, and the wind stroking the skin, all of which were the ultimate workmanship. Just like the phrase "extremely real" - a game that is too real to clear, except that it is, and sadly, the reward is only a sense of accomplishment. Capture the most stressful game in history that you can't play lightly!


A narration about VRMMO RPG's is given primarily focused on how one gaming company created the ultimate game VRMMO game, only for it to flop due to it being far too realistic. The story takes place 10 years after the fall of the golden age of VRMMO games.

Hiroshi has a conversation with his teacher Mr. Yasuoka about his post graduation plans in the faculty room at the Dull high school. He tries to coax Hiroshi to return to track running, however, Hiroshi is personally hesitant to do so. Outside, Hiroshi meets with his friend Takafumi and they talk about the pointless conversation he had with Yasuoka. Their talk then deters to Hiroshi wanting to go home and play video games, which brings up the topic of a certain incident two years ago. As Hiroshi walks home, he has money extorted from him by two individuals he's acquainted with. Although, upset that the day sucks, Hiroshi looks forward to obtaining the copy of "Finalizing Quest" a VRMMO game that he reserved. But due to his string of misfortune, he's 1,000 yen short in purchasing the game and is unable to get the copy of the game.

Lamenting over how he couldn't get the game he wanted at the cheapest price that he could find over the internet, Hiroshi spots a game store called Kisaragi. Inside the shop, Hiroshi spots a game that's 3 years old and then asks the female clerk if they have FQ 22 in stock. Upon hearing that the clerk goes on a diatribe about how most long game series have become so inferior in the long run. Still, people still habitually buy and play them regardless of how inferior they are from when the series started. The clerk also compares this all to with manga and although Hiroshi agrees with it all, he still doesn't care and wants the game. Right as he was about to leave, the store clerk offers him to buy a game for 10,000 yen. Figuring it'd be FQ 22, Yuuki purchases it without hesitation, however, the game turns out to be Kiwame Quest. Upset that it's not not FQ 22, he tries to return it, but is coaxed into keeping it after hearing that its an adult oriented game.

On his way home, Hiroshi learns that the game is about 10 years old and when he tries to contact the game store about it, they don't answer. At home, Hiroshi has an incident with his sister Kaede and goes to his room where he starts up the game to play it. As the game begins, an angelic lady with long brown hair claims that he as the Hero must save the world of Auberdine. The first task imposed onto Hiroshi is to leave the city and head to the Flora Castle. Awakening in a room, Hiroshi takes in the game's environment and compliments its realistic nature even to the point where he feels pain. A young girl by the name of Alicia then enters the room and calls Hiroshi by his game username Hiro. She claims to be his childhood friend and says that they were going to go apple picking that day. Perplexed, Hiro tries to clarify if he really is in a video game and is when he's able to access the save screen. Just then, Martin, Alicia's older brother enters the room and is brought up to speed about Hiro's condition. Martin laughs and gives Hiro an apple and Hiro notes how even the apple's feel and smell is so realistic. Recalling the words of the angel, whom told him that he must go to the Flora Castle, Hiro asks the two how to leave the town to reach there. Panic-stricken, both Alicia and Martin try and dissuade Hiro from doing that as the city guards would come after him if they heard that. On the other hand, Hiro is resolute in leaving the city, but is stopped by Martin so he doesn't commit what called "ex-urbance". Because of Hiro's bit of "Amnesia" Martin explains how the town is sequestered from the outside world because of all of the goblins that roam outside the periphery of the city. Confident that he'd be able to take on the goblins by himself, Hiro has his resolve tested by Martin in a sparring match with him. In it Hiro gets beaten by him and in a fit of rage, Hiro tackle Martin to the floor while he was eating an apple with a knife. Sequentially, Martin dies, and in a fit of rage Alicia chases Hiro out of the house.

Deep in the city, Hiro runs into the game store clerk lady named Reona appears in front of in the form of a fairy. In short, she's using an avatar that'll help support him throughout the game. She then details that the collar he's wearing also states what his title in game is and it reads, "Best Friend Killer".