The Tribulation of a Killer (殺人鬼の苦悩, Satsujinki no Kunō) is the 5th episode of Kyōkyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu Yorimo Kuso-Ge Dattara anime series.


Thanks to Tesla, the strongest NPC in the game and the captain of the town guard of Ted, Hiro is finally found innocent of the murder Martin, as for Tesla it was an accident. However, the eyes of the world were cold, and the residents of Ted still well considered him a murderer.


With the help of Tesla, Hiro was found innocent of the murder of Martin, but still was chased by the villagers and stigmatized as a murderer. They also threw rocks at him.

Later, even though he went to the vocational information center to make more money, Hiro's rant made the woman at the reception angry. It was later revealed that the woman opened the job office, using money she earned from underground activity in her youth and that Hiro mocked her and her life.

Reona's suggestion to Hiro, which in the end wasn't worth it, was to borrow money from a real player - Ginji. However, this plan flops because Hiro and Ginji break into an argument that escalates into a duel because Ginji made fun of Hiro. In the end their fight was interrupted when Martin and the ghosts of Ginji's childhood friends chastise them. Reona scammed Ginji to pay due to him failing to win the duel, even though they never agreed on these terms.

Later they went to Melissa's Item Shop to buy smoke bombs. When Hiro asked how much would 2 bombs cost, he's surprised that they cost 50 gald and then when he checked the purse he saw that they actually had only 60 gald. That made Reona angry as she was disappointed in Ginji, even though she was the one who scammed him. After all of that, Hiro had to pay an additional 10 gald as a fee for entering the shop which left him broke.

Eventually, Hiro and Reona returned to the house in which Hiro accidentally killed Martin and his shitty experience in the game began to get his sword back. There he was ambushed by his former childhood friend, now a blood thirsty yandere, Alicia. Hiro tries throwing one of the smoke bombs, but it just bounces along the floor without exploding. Reona tells him he was supposed to light the fuse before throwing it, and he complains. Alicia attacks him, but then unexpectedly Mizarisa appears and saves him, telling Alicia that Hiro is her prey.