The Only One to Beat the Game (ただ一人の攻略者, Tada Hitori no Kōryakusha) is the 4th episode of Kyōkyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu Yorimo Kuso-Ge Dattara anime series.


The event that changed Hiroshi's track racing life for good is shown and even though Hiroshi wants to quit playing the game. He's persuaded to continue by the alluring Reona.


Hiroshi returns to the real world in a panic, after nearly going through a torture event in the Kiwame Quest game. Immediately, Hiroshi checks himself to see if he peed himself in real-life and to his relief he didn't. Looking at the Kiwame Quest game cartridge, Hiro notes how it's the same as "last time".

In the past, we're shown the incident on the track field that changed Hiro's life forever. It was on that day there were many scouts sitting in the bleachers hoping to scout out new talent, despite it being a low level track field race. Another interesting thing to point out was there was a rival pro-racer named Tatsuya Moriguchi who once raced against Hiroshi and won. Later, as Hiroshi heads to the restroom, he bumps into former pro-racer Mike McLachlan now sports writer. Mike speaks words of praise toward Hiroshi and states how he looks forward to his race. Excited, Hiroshi claims that he'll do his best, forgetting that his bladder is still full. On the tracks, Hiroshi has a brief talk with Tatsuya about how Mike McLachlan is there and that neither of them plan to lose. At the start of the race, Hiroshi lags behind and when he tries to push himself to go faster he trips and falls onto the ground. Right as his friend Takafumi and teacher Yasuoka rush over to check up on him, Hiroshi urinates himself. This was the event that haunted Hiroshi to the present day and made him quit track racing for good.

Back in the present, Hiroshi gets into an argument with his sister Kaede over him playing his game loudly again. She also gets upset when he informs her that he's quit playing the game too. After school, Hiroshi visits Reona at her game store. and tries to sell her back the game he purchased from her. However, Reona manages to dissuade him from doing it and shows him a game walk-through website created by the only man who managed to beat the Kiwame Quest game Soichiro Kamui. In it, Soichiro gives tips/tricks to all of Hiroshi's current problems in the game. However, all of the tips/tricks are completely unhelpful with Hiroshi's current in game predicaments. Although frustrated, Hiroshi is convinced to continue playing the game thanks to a persuasive Reona.

Returning to the game, Hiro continues where he left off the in game and is lead to where the head of the guards Tesla is at.




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