Reona Kisaragi (如月玲於奈, Kisaragi Reona) is the main female protagonist of KYUUKYOKU SHINKA SHITA FULL DIVE RPG GA GENJITSU YORI. Her player name in Kiwame Quest is Reona (レオナ, Reona).


Reona is a beautiful young woman with butt-length mauve hair that has bangs swept to the left side, blue eyes and a nice figure with large breasts.

She wears a off-white t-shirt, navy blue jeans and blue shoes.


Reona is an upbeat person with an unparalleled enthusiasm for the Kiwame Quest, even going so far as to play it with Hiroshi Yuuki as his support character. Although normally showing a cheerful and friendly demeanor, Reona hides a more manipulative schemer behind. Painfully aware of her beauty, she has successfully seduced Hiro into buying the game and even play it again even after he underwent a rather traumatic experience and wanted to quit.

She's shown to be quite devious and underhanded as she even sold the game to Hiro under a no return policy under any circumstance, despite the evident fact that such a thing is illegal, and even sold the game to him at full price even though she was aware that after 10 years, the game wasn't nowhere near as valuable.

Her true intentions regarding Kiwame Quest are unknown and rather contradictory. For one, despite appearing interested in the game and having fun with it, she too secretly believes the game to be terrible. She also claims it is her intention to marry someone who clears game, although she has not revealed why. Furthermore, whenever questioned by Hiro on her obsession with the game and her fraudulent mercantile practices, she claims she has reasons for those, although she's unable to disclose them at the moment.

To her merit, she does try to be as supportive of Hiro as she can while playing the game, uplifting his spirit or coming with tactical advise.


Reona is the manager of the desolate game store Kisaragi. She is a beautiful woman with clear silver hair and a great sense of style, but she forcefully sells Hiroshi Yuuki the VRMMORPG game "Kiwame Quest".


  • The name Reona means "the tinkling of jade" (玲) (re), "in, at, on, as for" (於) (o) and "apple tree" (奈) (na).
  • Reona's surname Kisaragi means "February" (如月).
  • Reona VA: Taketatsu Ayana voices Koneko from High School DxD and Leafa from SAO
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