Martin (マーティン) was one of the main character of KYUUKYOKU SHINKA SHITA FULL DIVE RPG GA GENJITSU YORI. He was Hiroshi's's best friend in "Kiwame Quest" and worked as a farmer at an apple farm.


Martin was a well-built young man with short blond hair and blue eyes and he appeared taller than Hiroshi .He wore a white t-shirt, a light blue cloth around his neck, off-white gloves, gray pants, and brown boots.


Martin was fond of saying, "Apples don't need a doctor". Like Alicia, he was very worried about Hiroshi's decision to leave the town.



Alicia is Martin's sister. Just like her he was very concerned about Hiro decision to leave the City of Ted.

Hiroshi Yuuki

Due to the in game story, Martin was Hiro's best friend since childhood, but after Hiro killed him, he haunted Hiro as a vengeful ghost. In Episode 7 they reconciled, just before his ghost dissapeared.



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