Living in a Dead Game (過疎ゲーの住人, Kasogē no Jūnin) is the 2nd episode of Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!, anime series.


Hiro is chased as a criminal on suspicion of killing his best friend Martin. In order to ask for help, he searched for Ginji, one of the few real players, but during that time, Alicia aims for his life, and he has a lot of trouble.


Right of the bat, Hiro is told by Reona that his gruesome title can't be revoked nor can his data be erased or restarted. Obviously, one can't restart or erase one's life story in reality, which the game's whole system is based on and the system runs solely on an auto save feature. The only way for him to purchase a new console, which would cost him 90,000 yen and as it turns out, Reona sells one at her store for 120,000, which is overpriced. Frustrated, Hiro asks for a refund, but she refuses as her store has a strict no refund policy. Taking a more logical approach to their situation, Reona suggests they find another player named Ginji in game to help them. It just so happens when the game was released 10 years, he too killed his best friend. Before they head off to see the player, Reona has Hiro check his right pocket to find 30 gald, and suggests they purchase some cheap clothing. Currently, rumors of the death of Martin have spread and a wanted poster of his killer, Hiro has been spread. So at the clothing store, Hiro purchases some clothes that were originally priced at 15 Gald, but was inflated to 25 gald due to his criminal background.

Now dusk, they head to the casino where Ginji most likely is at because of his gambling addiction. As they head there, Reona explains the background of the city they're in called Ted. Eventually, they're confronted by a psychotic Alicia in a dark narrow alleyway who plans to murder Hiro in revenge for killing Martin. Wielding the same knife that was used to kill her brother, Alicia goes on the offensive and Hiro manages to flee the scene. By a log cabin in a forest, Hiro gains a new title, and having grown tired of playing the game, he tries to log out, but is unable due to still being in combat. Out of nowhere, Alicia appears and attacks Hiro with her knife, slicing the palm of his left hand. Coming to Hiro's aid, Reona attacks Alicia's eye and Hiro once again makes his escape as Alicia vows to kill Hiro. Finally able to log out, Hiroshi is relieved, but wonders how long it's been since he ran like that.

The following day at Hiroshi's house, Reona sends Hiroshi a message to play more Kiwame Quest with her. Later at school, Hiroshi talks with Takafumi about his experiences with KQ. Although, Takafumi believes that playing video-games are out of fashion and juvenile, and that he should one day deal with his so called "friends". Home again, Kaede scolds Hiroshi for the loud noises that he made last night. After his scuffle with Kaede, Hiroshi logs back into the game. In game, the wound on his hand is still there and he finds a medicinal herb, to heal hand, but due to the game's realism he's unable to figure out how to. At that moment a stocky individual approaches Hiro and notes that he's encountered a new NPC. Hiro realizes that the man is Ginji and after Ginji helps heal his hand with his herb and they then go to the casino and talk business. Ten years ago, Ginji killed his best friend named Enrique and his other friend too using Judo techniques. He then goes onto detail his encounter the only person who was able to beat the game named Kamui and his game title. Impressed by the title, Hiro details that its better than his own, which Ginji then states that his title is heartless. From there, Ginji "Helps" Hiro by uncloaking him and screaming aloud that the best friend killer is there and that the city guard should be called.