Knife vs. Saw (ナイフ対のこぎり, Naifu to Nokogiri) is the 6th episode of Kyōkyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu Yorimo Kuso-Ge Dattara anime series.


Even though the sudden arrival of Mizarisa was a great stroke of luck, she's easily overtaken by the homicidal Alicia. It's quick thinking from Hiro who follows some advice from Kamui and later reconciles with the ghost of Martin.


Alicia demands answers from Mizarisa who stopped her from acting out her revenge against Hiro for killing Martin. Mizarisa answers that Hiro was cleared of his murder charges by Tesla and Reona informs Hiro that Telsa holds absolute judicial authority within the city. Therefore, if Alicia insists on harming Hiro, then she'd be in violation of breaking the law. Elated by this turn of events, Hiro is curious as to why Mizarisa knew where he was. Admittedly, Mizarisa confesses that she was tailing Hiroshi in order to interact with him more which irks him. Cogitating whether Mizarisa has a tracking skill, Reona suggests that he ask Mizarisa to join their party. Hiro thinks favorably of the suggestion, but is caught off when Mizarisa proudly confesses that she merely tracked Hiro's urine scent. Reona also informs the upset Hiro that what she claims is true as the scent is rather potent and won't go away as the game prizes realism. In a fit of agitation, Hiro is nearly attacked by Alicia, but Mizarisa saves him by pulling him away. Even though Alicia was informed of Hiro's exoneration, she chooses to play dumb about it. So Mizarisa challenges Alicia and the two fight. During the fight, Alicia drops her knife and taking advantage of the opportunity, Hiro throws it out the window. However, as it turns Alicia had two more on her person and then dual wielded them. To Mizarisa's confession, she admits her true motive in following Hiro to that location is to torture him to an inch of his life to experience another "accident" from him. Mizarisa then continues her fight against Alicia, but is still beaten by Alicia.

Now in a pinch, Hiro recalls some advice Soichiro Kamui gave in one of his online walkthrough videos. Following said advice, Hiro gropes Alicia, but then proves futile and is then kicked in his chest. Down on the ground wincing in pain, the ghost of Martin appears and Alicia relishes the feeling of her brother's presence. However, reconsidering what Kamui meant in his advice in his situation, Hiro confesses his love to Alice and begs her enjoy the rest of her life with him. This flusters Alicia who then rushes out of the scene. Reona then rejoices that Hiro once again over came another challenge in the game. On the other hand, Hiro realizes that up until that point he's only played the game as a regular game and not like how it should be realistically played.

Hiro then heads over to the Kenura Tree and there he calls out Martin and his ghost appears. From there the two briefly talk and taking Martin's hand, Hiro is shown a flashback of when he along with Alicia and Martin were kids. It's there that Hiro finally learns the promise that Martin imposed on him to remember. The promise being is that they'd be friends forever. With that, Hiro and Martin finally reconcile with one another and Martin's ghost finally passes on. Gaining a new title, Hiro then notices smoke billowing from various parts of the city.