Hiroshi Yuuki (結城宏, Yūki Hiroshi) is the main male protagonist of KYUUKYOKU SHINKA SHITA FULL DIVE RPG GA GENJITSU YORI. His player name in Kiwame Quest is Hiro (ヒロ, Hiro).


Yuuki is a young man with a short dark black hair and dark gray eyes. In the real world, he typically wears his school uniform. His in game persona wears a faded light blue tunic over a long sleeved black shirt, a brown belt, brown shorts, black stalkings, and brown shoes. His most distinguishing trait is a mole under his left eye.


Yuuki is a kind and milquetoast young man. He's also currently directionless in life and very cynical about the real world, which according to him is "shitty", and uses virtual reality MMO games as a mean to escape. Also as seen in Episode 4 he is easily manipulated by Reona to continue playing Kiwame Quest.


Hiroshi Yūki, with the player name of Hiro, is a high school boy who loves to play virtual reality MMORPGs. When a game store manager named Reona Kisaragi forces him to buy the game Kiwame Quest, he soon discovers that it is not what it seems. Unlike regular games, it is a game that tries to pursue realism to a fanatical point. As such, Hiroshi struggles to eke out a niche. Along the way, he meets many girls who all want something from him.


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