Alicia (アリシア, Arishia) is one of main character of KYUUKYOKU SHINKA SHITA FULL DIVE RPG GA GENJITSU YORI. She is the sister of Martin and the childhood friend of Hiroshi Yuuki in "Kiwame Quest".


Alicia is a young girl with medium long blond hair and lavender color eyes.

She wears a red hairband, a seafoam green top, a brown skirt and belt, short socks and brown shoes.

As she was hit many times by Reona she is now wearing eye patch on her right eye.


Alicia is a quiet girl who cares a lot about Hiroshi Yuuki, along with Martin, but she's concerned about Hiroshi's decision to leave Ted's town. After seeing Hiro stab her brother with a knife, she has totally lost it as Hiro said.



Alicia's brother who works on an apple farm.

Hiroshi Yuuki

Hiroshi is Alicia's childhood friend in Kiwame Quest and as her brother she is also worried about Hiroshi wanting to leave Ted's town.


  • The name Alicia means "noble, exalted" in German.
    • Alicia is a variant form of Alice.



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