Adult Event Time (大人のイベントタイム, Otona no Ibento Taimu) is the 3rd episode of Kyōkyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu Yorimo Kuso-Ge Dattara anime series.


Thanks to the "help" from Ginji, Hiro is locked away in prison and is visited by the ghost of Martin. From there he's brought to a torture room where he manages to avoid any harm by... well a new found gimmick.


Continuing on from last time, Ginji announces to everyone in the Casino that the wanted fugitive Hiro is there, much to Hiro's dismay. Ginji then informs the shocked Hiro that if he manages to get through his interrogation then he'd be in the clear. The city guards then arrives and inform the shocked Hiro, he's under arrest. Panic-stricken, Hiro tries to run away, but Ginji uses a judo shoulder throw on Hiro and then restrains him. The city guard then take over and Ginji is paid some coin for his trouble. Giving Hiro one last piece of advice, he states that Hiro shouldn't confess that he murdered Martin or else he'll be jailed. As it so happens Ginji served 13 years for his crime and is currently on parole.

Outside of the Casino, Hiro is lead by the city guards through the city as onlookers first watch and gossip amongst each other about him. When the city guard stops in mid place in the city, the onlookers then throw objects at Hiro while chastising him. In a desperate plea, Hiro tries to negotiate with the head guards man that he's in fact the Hero, but the guard man dismisses it as another delusional plea from a wanted individual. From the distance, Hiro sees Alicia watching the scenario play out from afar, and begs the guards man to jail him.

In the jail area, Hiro is told by the guards man that he'll be left there until the preparations to his trial is made. Frustrated, Hiro tries to log out of the game, but cannot due to him being in the middle of a game event. An hour passes by and still Hiro is unable to leave the game, plus he starts to get hungry and has to pee. Cursing the game realism aspect, Hiro finds a pungent smelling toilet and right as he was about to use it, the ghost of Martin visits him. Martin's ghost proclaims that Hiro killed him, but Hiro claims it was an accident. Therefore, Martin demands that Hiro recite the promise he made with him under the apple tree, however, Hiro cannot recall what it was, thereby activating the Martin Time Event. It's then that Hiro recalls Ginji talking to two invisible people who weren't there and realizes they were the ghosts of his friends that he murdered. While grasping onto Hiro's shoulder, Martin vomits an abundance of blood proclaiming he lived longer.

Soon, a young girl named Mizarisa arrives and takes Hiro out of his cell and leads him to a special room. Hiro misinterprets the situation as an adult time event, in reality, it was a "Torture Event". Inquisitor Mizarisa was going to saw off Hiro's limbs and being the sadist that she is, thoroughly enjoy it. Just then, Reona arrives at the scene and apologizes for her tardiness, as she was watching "Castle In The Sky" again. Although upset that's the reason why she was late, Hiro is still relieved that she can now help him in his predicament. Her help, however, is too cheer him on because if he's able to endure the torture then he'll be in the clear. Unable to take the pressure from his predicament or hold the fluid in his bladder, Hiro wets himself. In a state of euphoric bliss, Mizarisa compliments the urination as the best she'd ever seen and wastes no further time to start the torture, but is stopped by the guards man from before. He reports that Head of the City Guard Tesla wishes to talk with Hiro. Elated that Hiro not only avoid managing to get tortured, he discovered a new trick in the game since its 10 year release and also earned himself a new title. Unshackled from his restraints, Hiro finally logs out of the game and proclaims he'll never play the game again.




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